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Everything But…Romance Series

Book 1: Everything But A Groom
Book 2: Everything But A Bride
Book 3: Everything But A Wedding
Book 4: Everything But A Christmas Eve
Book 5: Everything But a Mother

Everything But…Romance, Book 5
ISBN# 9780803474574
13 April 2012
Avalon Books
Hard Cover
192 Pages
Romance Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

During college, Heather Rayson makes a wonderful discovery, which has now become her life. Combining her love of working with young children and with seniors, Heather opens a community based day care program with a local retirement facility.

For Henry Hanson, marriage to Lissa’s mother has been a study in contrasts. As different as they were, he will never regret it because it has given him Lissa.

Everything Henry does is for Lissa, including coming back to Erie and staying with Nana Vancy, his great aunt Isabel’s best friend. Enrolling Lissa in CBDC starts off rather rocky for Henry. Still, the young girl instantly falls in love with her new teacher. Heather works really hard to like Henry, for Lissa’s sake, and it is all too easy, even when he is being obnoxious. Neither she nor Henry think they are ready for a relationship, but with Nana Vancy and her girlfriends on the case, they are seriously outnumbered.

With his daughter’s safety and well being in mind, Henry is noticeably anxious and upset about leaving her with a stranger. His regimented lifestyle, however, is about to get totally revamped, and I like that his aunt lets him know his behavior cannot continue. On the other hand, Heather is such a wonderful character readers cannot help but wish her well. I feel that the innocence in this story makes it almost too sweet, so it needs a little more conflict or controversy to make things a bit more interesting.

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