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100 Days of Celibacy, Book 1
ISBN: 978-159578-898-6
February 13, 2012
Liquid Silver Books
38 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Madison Bishop is the type of woman that we know; great job, great friends, and great place to live, but still a virgin. She has her toys to help out on occasion, and she even has a fantasy man that is her muse. Madison has never gotten past second base with a man and it is time that she did. When her friend tells her that her fantasy man is going to be in town for a couple of weeks, she jumps at the chance to lose her virginity once and for all.

Drew Wingate was known as a man-whore and somewhat proud of it. He never was the commitment type and loved playing the field. When his friend challenged him for 100 days of celibacy and then write an article on it, he never realized how hard the challenge was going to be once he saw Madison again.

When Jodi, Drew’s sister in law, suggested going to a Knicks/Celtics basketball game, he did not expect to see Madison again, or to be completely attracted to her. Her curves and her innocence are wrecking havoc on his challenge, and when she suggests going back to her place afterwards, he does not realize how hard it is going to be for him. Madison is thrilled that she will lose her virginity to her fantasy man, but at what price? Why is he not doing the whole deed? Deflated, she kicks him out of her apartment and thinks that Drew is not her fantasy man after all.

I loved, just loved this book. The pacing and the plot were nicely done. It was not drawn out and long. Madison and Drew pulled me in from the first chapter and never let go. The miscommunication between them and the misunderstandings were funny and poignant. While the sex scenes were there, I found them more sensual and loving than erotic. Drew had never experienced feelings for any woman like he had for Madison. As conflicted as he was in the beginning, he knew that Madison was for him. No matter how upset she got at Drew, he was still her fantasy man. The ending was perfect and poignant. I highly recommend this story and cannot wait for the next story in this series.

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