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Stephanie Beauman Series

Book #1: Embedded
Book #2: Expose
Book #: Exclusive

Stephanie Beauman, Book #3
ISBN #9781619269200
June 2012
$ 5.99
274 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Stephanie Beauman is an investigative reporter. She is beautiful, determined, and intelligent. She is also adventurous in both her professional and private lives.

Jeffrey Carroway is a self-made multi-millionaire. He is handsome and sexy and is unable to stay away from Stephanie, or forgive her for an incident in their past.

Gabriel de Romanos is an Argentinean mogul and Stephanie’s putative lover. He tends to be a bit controlling and likes to play games both psychological and sexual.

Jean Luc is and up and coming driver on the circuit. Handsome and sexy, he has his sights set on the championship and Stephanie. He will stop at nothing and many wonder if he has a death wish.

Stephanie is undercover again, working for former lover, Jeffrey Carroway, who is making a film about the Grand Prix circuit. She plans on writing a story of her own about the series and is serving as an assistant director on the project. Past, present, and future lovers cause conflict, danger, and other complications during the glitz and glitter of the Grand Prix season.

I liked Stephanie and her determination, but her overly complicated love life impeded my enjoyment of the story. The author seems to have quite a bit of insight into the Grand Prix world and writes about it vividly and with interesting detail. Stephanie's lovers are less than likable as a whole. They are controlling and a bit too arrogant for the most part. Looks, money, and power really cannot make up for their less than loving personalities. The plot is full of action, adventure, and suspense though, and that alone made this book well worth reading.

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