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ISBN#: (13) 978-1-55404-707-9/(10) 1-55404-707-2
September 2009
Carnal Desires Publishing
176 Pages
Erotic Contemporary
Rating: 5 cups

Dante Addison is a college professor who has spent the last twenty years in a series of emotionless sexual liaisons that never seem to last longer than six months. His heart was broken twenty years before when the woman he gave his heart to left the country without a word after convincing him to model in the nude for one of her classes.

Guilia is the graduate art student that Dante so fell in love with.

When Dante goes to his friend’s gallery opening, he is stunned to see a woman resembling his beloved Guilia standing in front of one of the paintings his friend has done. He pursues her with a single minded thought, and deep attraction; some part of him hoping it is his Guilia finally returned to him. However, this woman while seemingly also attracted to him is also different from the Guilia he once knew. After he reveals his heartbreak to the woman, she eventually confesses that she is his long lost love. However, though Guilia wants to be with him, and they have a very heated sexual encounter, her personal life is a mess, some of which is of her own making. Will Dante be able to help Guilia fix the problems in her life so they can start a new life together or will someone close to her ruin everything?

I have to admit that when I began this book, I was sure I was not going to like it. However, forty or so pages into it, the author had me hook, line and sinker! This has to be one of the best erotic love stories that I have read this year. The story is a bit slow getting started, but once it does, look out! It is one of those by-the-seat-of your-pants stories that you cannot put down until you have read the very last page. The love making scenes are positively sizzling, and if I had been reading it on paper rather than my computer I will bet my fingers would be singed. There was plenty of suspense in this story as well, with some nasty bad guys that had to be defeated, and one character that I could only feel sorry for, he had messed his life up so much. This book is simply not to be missed, and I highly recommend it to everyone! The ending alone makes this book a keeper.

Coffee Time Romance & More



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