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ISBN# 0-373-77163-0
June 1, 2006
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, M3B 3K9 Canada
Price: $5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
384 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Simone Cooper had been a good CIA agent for a special unit until it ended. For years, she sought a different life for herself. She was certain that her marriage to Reece Sheridan would be life-everlasting but after he learned the mysterious truth about her past, a divorce proved otherwise.

Reese Sheridan loved Simone but one too many lies started adding up, so the attorney filed for divorce. Still bothered by events in their marriage, he pays her a visit. When he finds the place in disorder, he goes in search for her, only to find his brother with her after suffering a gunshot wound. Now he wants the truth from Simone.

Martin Sheridan, a great brother-in-law, and senior at the University of Texas, is caught in the middle of the events.

Simone was extremely happy with Reese but once word gets out about her past it ended. Now in the midst of a divorce, she knows that Reese is the only man for her but it is too late to try to salvage anything. When Martin shows up at her place for spring break, and a coded post card arrives in her mail from her ex-boss, they find themselves targeted. After Martin is shot, they take off on Reese’s boat fleeing the shooter. Just as Simone gets ready to place a call to Reese, he shows up at the boat demanding the truth. When Simone explains what happened they go in search of the people that are in danger from Simone’s unit. Someone wants revenge and one by one, all come under attack. Simone must learn who is behind it and why, without any extra harm coming to Reese or Martin. Reese discovers he still has deep feelings for Simone but with a mad person seeking vengeance. Though, neither knows if she will find the truth in time in this instance, Reese plans to stick to her like glue.

Eye of the Storm is a riveting read. The well-developed plot, excellent cast of characters and spine tingling exhilaration kept this reader totally spellbound. The banter between Simone and Reese intensified with each turn of the page. Their credible emotions make the story seem so genuine. I loved the way Martin’s character stood behind Simone and Reese. Dee Davis crafts an action packed thriller that is hard to put down. Her style of writing practically holds the reader suspended in time until the dramatic conclusion. She weaves a tale that I thoroughly enjoyed and found mesmerizing.

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