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ISBN #: 9781772334302
July 2015
Evernight Publishing
235 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Holly Spencer is a twenty-two year old almost college graduate who just wants to graduate, find a great job, oh, and a condo with a beautiful view. In just that order mind you. She has only had her mother her entire life and also just wants to have family to love and love her. Her mother has always contended they do not need anyone else, but as much as Holly loves her mother, she wants more.

Shadow is a Fae on a mission from his queen when he runs into Holly, and in fact protects her from her own grandmother who intends to steal Holly’s soul. He knows almost instantly that Holly is his soul mate.

When Holly gets what she thinks is the last dying wish of her maternal grandmother to come for a visit, she jumps at the chance to finally connect with some of her, absent for her entire life, family. But all is not what it seems and before Holly knows it she is embroiled in warring Fae factions, a disgruntled Goddess turned human on her way to the oblivion, and discovering she is half-fae and Shadow’s soul mate. Needless to say by the time Shadow has saved her life twice, once from her grandmother, and once from her father, she is more than ready to forget all about this Fae business, being Shadow’s soul mate and having anything to do with any of her family, since clearly most of them are just plain evil. Unfortunately, in order to stay alive she must join forces with Shadow and her grandmother, the Fae queen. As attracted as she is to Shadow, more so than to any other man in her life, she is also wary. She does not want to completely give up her human life, or lose her connection to her very human mother. But things are heating up fast, and not just between her and Shadow. Her father and his minions are planning something horrible and both Fae and humans are going missing. Will Holly, Shadow, and their allies be able to stop Holly’s father in time? Will Holly and Shadow be able to work out their differences and find something together that neither of them has had before?

This is my first book by Ms. Madigan and I have to say BRAVO! This story is very well written, and the characters are people that by the end of the book you feel are your best friends. The conflict really drives this story and I loved that, it kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen next. I kept having this fear that there wouldn’t be any kind of resolution by the end of the book. Fortunately for me there was, but there was also an opening to the next book, so I’m super excited to see where Ms. Madigan takes us next in this compelling world of the modern Fae. If you loved fairytales as a child, heck if you still love fairytales like me, then you definitely want a copy of this book for your library. I highly recommend it!

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