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ISBN# 1-60601-404-8
June 2009
235 Pages
Mainstream, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction, Romance
Ratings: 5 Cups

Joshua Miller is trying to get over the death of his dear wife. As an investigator reporter he is finding it difficult to write stories. His friends are concerned about his welfare.

Sarah Reid never thought being struck by lightning would change her life, enabling her to aid the sick and dying. After meeting a sympathetic journalist, her life takes on new meaning.

It has been a year since Josh lost his wife, and Ross, his good friend, needs his help. His sister, Cheryl has been taken advantage of by a faith healer and he wishes Josh to expose the woman as a fraud. Since Ross and Cheryl are good friends, Josh allows the journalist in him to come out. The moment he and Sarah meet, something clicks inside their hearts. At first Sarah refuses any interview feeling, tired of being exposed as a fraud, but moments with Josh prove him to be honest and caring. The more time spent together makes it difficult to find anyone to take Josh off her mind. With the fascination and love that he has found with Sarah, what will it do for them once the real story is told?

Faith of the Heart is an unforgettable poignant read. I love the way the story cements the two characters together. Both souls ache within their hearts as they reach out for the other. I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom as the concrete within their hearts slowly cracks and breaks away. I could relate to Josh in many ways. The ending captivated me. Sandy James creates in-depth characters that engage the reader. It was hard letting go once the story was finished. She captured the expressions of the players tremendously and I must admit, Josh and Sarah’s first kiss was melting in this precious read.

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