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Faking It by Elisa Lorello
Sequel to Faking It: Ordinary World

ISBN: 978-1439274903
March 15, 2011
Amazon Encore
Trade Paperback
280 Pages
Chick Lit
Rating: 3 Cups

When it comes to men and relationships, Andrea Cutrone feels like an utter failure. She may have her doctorate and a very satisfying career teaching for Brooklyn University, but her love life is completely dismal.

He is damn good at what he does, and Devin takes pride in knowing that the women he services go home very, very happy. His escort business is wildly successful, and regardless of what anyone thinks, Devin makes sure his rules of engagement are never broken.

Andi needs help, and though she willingly admits it, acting on it is probably the hardest thing she has ever done. A lifetime of feeling inhibited is a hard habit to break, but if anyone can crack that shell, it is Devin. The business contract they write up leaves nothing to chance; Andi will teach Devin the intricacies of the written word, and in turn, she will learn how to be intimate and alluring. The lessons shared between Andi and Devin makes them both take a long hard look at their lives, and what they see will change everything.

The lead character in this novel is one that you will very seldom ever find in contemporary writing. Andi is so sexually repressed and inhibited that she barely can function in an intimate relationship, and yet she is perfectly comfortable in all other aspects of her life. This dichotomy of personality is strangely sweet, but so hard to imagine in a woman of this age and experience. I admire her determination, disparage her lack of self awareness, and cheer Devin’s commitment to make her love herself.

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