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ISBN# 9781616508098
May 2015
Kensington Publishing Corp.
214 Pages
Romance, Contemporary, Contemporary Women
Rating: 5 Cups

Vivia Perpetua Grant is on the verge of getting everything she wanted in a man. Until the moment the past pulls the plug and everything goes south fast.

Fiancé gone, job gone, and a future in question. What does a woman do but take the advice of her very best friend and go on her honeymoon. Just her, her best friend, a failed engagement ring, and a bicycle…?

A bicycle tour around Provence and Tuscany was the idea of her oblivious fiancé, but Vivia is determined to make the whole trip. Along the way she meets a sexy French man who makes her think she was selling herself short, and maybe there is more to her self-worth than the white lies she told.

Faking It is a journey of self-discovery. I was blown away by the in-depth portrayal with deep meaning in today’s society. It is one women’s testimony to the idea of getting real, not just with one’s self but with the ones around them. It takes a crack at the reality of the fake lives many live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every social media outlet and forces the reader to ask themselves "who am I?". Vivia took the idea of making lemonade when life becomes a lemon to a whole new level. There are times I wanted to shake her for her persona fetish and others I had to take a moment to get real with myself. The romance and adventure is on every page. Ecrit fabuleux, Ms. Brown! I highly recommend this outstanding work of art a true testament to modern relationships!

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