Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-59448-464-3
June 2010
Riverhead Books
Trade Paperback
360 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Living in the completely controlled environment of a private school is both a privilege and a curse for Noel. He is much too smart for your average public school, but living 24/7 with so many others has him begging for solitude.

With a U.S. Ambassador for a father, Julius is accustomed to coming and going as he pleases, and even a place like St. Ebury rarely hems him in. He is a pretty popular guy, who gets lots of attention, but since meeting Fallon, no one else matters.

It is a completely random chance that puts Noel and Julius in the same room, but neither can say they really care all that much. Noel is a very quiet guy, and he has no problem with Julius’s comings and goings, but things are changing. Julius and Fall are very serious, and she is all Noel can think of. But even though Noel and Julius form a friendship born of necessity and proximity, there will always be buried feelings that can erupt in the most disturbing of ways.

Adolescence is a tough road for everyone, but very few of us are forced to coexist in such a microcosmic type of environment. It is hard to imagine a person like Noel living day in and day out with another person always in his space, and in turn, Julius seems to be his polar opposite. Their friendship has a quiet intimacy that is never sexual, but at the same time, I find it strangely loving. There is, however, a complete lack of balance or honesty in the feelings they have for each other, and most especially for Fall.

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