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ISBN# 9781601741851
Coyote Moon #1
Uncial Press
257 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

When a young man with dog tags that proclaim him a Marine and a date of birth ninety years beyond what makes any kind of sense lands on Dakota Thomas’ operating table with a gunshot wound, Dakota does what any good doctor would do: patches him up, reports the case to the local sheriff, and goes on about his day. The problem is Private Michael J. Ricco is a lot more than he appears to be, and people are dying because of it.

The mystery only deepens as a sheriff’s deputy and a hatful of civilians turn up dead. The military’s sole record of a man by that name dates back to 1917. In desperation, Dakota turns to his brother Montana, a private investigator and former Ranger officer with a knack for deciphering cryptic situations. Ricco’s answers only further deepen the mystery, and a foiled assassination attempt sends Dakota and Montana on the run with Ricco to draw any more hostile attention away from Dakota’s hospital and the people around it.

When Dakota is kidnapped by a sinister, shadowy organization and his life is placed in mortal jeopardy, Dakota’s medical knowledge is the only thing that can keep him alive. Meanwhile Montana mounts a daring rescue with Ricco and a crack team of commandos to retrieve his brother. What none of them can foresee is that the organization that took Dakota has made a discovery so earth-shattering they are willing to cross any line and sacrifice innocent lives to keep it secret. A discovery that stands everything science understands about aging on its head…

With Fallen, Ms. Simko has crafted an outstanding, crisply-written thriller that Dean Koontz himself would be proud to have penned. This book is the total package, flawlessly blending real-world medicine and the shadowy world of counterintelligence with horror, humor, and hair-trigger action as it unfolds the legacy of a covert government program gone rogue, leaving a nigh-defenseless civilian population at its mercy. Do not start this book on a night you need your sleep!

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