Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-60435-630-4
March 18, 2010
Red Rose Publishing
49 Pages
Time Travel, Western, Historical/Period
Rating: 4 Cups

Just getting away from everything and everyone is what has led Rayne Jordan to a remote cabin in Wisconsin in the dead of winter. The quiet and solitude are a balm to her bruised soul.

The loneliness of ranch life is much more evident for Blade Landon the older he gets. He would like nothing more than to find a lovely young lady to share his life with.

The joy of just being away from all of the frustrations of work and lingering grief leads Rayne to make the very life-threatening mistake of walking out onto a frozen pond with very thin ice. She was sure her screams went unheard, until she woke up in a warm bed centuries from where she fell through. Blade is unsure of where Rayne is from or how she got here, but that does not stop his heart from leaping at the chance to get to know her better. The longer Rayne stays with Blade, the faster she falls, but she can only hope that this time she is not falling alone.

This story can only bring a smile to your face and a lift to your day. The characters are tender and sweet and have no ulterior motives to spoil their light. There is no deep introspection or intense emotional turmoil, but you still get a feel for their needs and desires. This just whets the appetite and makes me want to read more from Cia Leah.

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