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On Dublin Street Series

Book 1: On Dublin Street
Book 2: Down London Road
Book 3: Before Jamaica Lane
Book 4: Fall from India Place

On Dublin St. Series, Book 4
ISBN: 9780451469403
3 June 2014
New American Library
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $17.00 CAN
384 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Her memories of Marco are so bittersweet that Hannah Nichols keeps them locked away behind steel bars. When those bars crack open, she is helpless to control the flood of emotions.

Walking away was the hardest thing Marco D’Alessandro ever did, even knowing how right it was. Getting a second chance is a gift so precious, he will do almost anything to make it happen.

Her probationary year of teaching is hard enough, so dealing with seeing Marco again just about sends Hannah over the edge. That one night with Marco all those years ago left a scar so deep, Hannah fears she will never feel right again. Marco is determined to get through Hannah’s barriers, although he really has no idea how dark and painful that journey is about to get. His past was bad enough; a future without Hannah is unimaginable.

Fear can be a monster without form or face, and the demon inside Hannah has her cowering in terror. Wanting Marco, while at the same time pushing him away, gets old very quickly. She cannot seem to get out of her own head long enough to make a rational decision about anything, even with a completely loving and caring family to support her. Despite the history between her and Marco, I find her behavior irrational, confusing, and hurtful.

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