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Love Under the Big Sky
Book 1: Loving Cara
Book 2: Seducing Lauren
Book 3: Falling for Jillian

Love Under the Big Sky, Book 3
ISBN#: 9781476759388
27 January 2015
368 Pages
Contemporary Western Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Zack King has his hands full raising his twelve-year-old son and running his family’s ranch in Cunningham Falls. Now that Zack has permanently left his military career and his ex-wife behind, he is ready for the good things to begin. Of course, life would be near perfect if he could convince Jillian Sullivan to give him another chance.

Jillian is working hard to put the crazy night of mouth watering sex with Zack King out of her mind. What makes it even harder is that Zack is drop dead gorgeous and comes complete with an adorable almost teenage son named Seth. After a few weeks of Zack and Seth showing up to fix her furnace, shovel her driveway, and bake cookies, Jillian is even starting to fall for their dog.

Jillian’s past is littered with baggage, so is Zack’s. When some of that baggage starts dropping back into their lives, things get tough. It is one thing to deal with Zack’s wicked witch of an ex, but one last surprise will either throw their romance straight on the rocks or bind their new family with unbreakable bonds of love.

There are a lot of really well handled hot button topics in this book that come together to create quite a likeable story. Readers will certainly enjoy the spice and even frustration that Zack and Jillian experience as they balance their desire with the reality of having Seth around. Not to mention the plot twist at the end is a real zinger that promises to keep you turning pages.

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