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ISBN: 978-1-77233-682-5
January 19, 2016
Evernight Publishing
117 Pages
Contemporary, Gay, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Fresh out of college and Caden McCullough has picked up a dream job, even if he is on call twenty-four-seven. It is a good thing his boss is a decent man and drop-dead gorgeous. He is also a total workaholic.

Building a company from the ground up is not easy, even for a man as wealthy as Raphael Shepard. He spends nearly every waking hour immersed in his business ventures, barely taking time to eat or sleep.

Moving clear across the country at a moment’s notice is not Caden’s idea of a good time, until he sees his new living situation. The sumptuous apartment he is staying in with Raphael is beyond his wildest dreams, but it is the man himself who is making all of Caden’s wishes come true. Raphael is falling hard and fast for Caden as well, when his nasty ex starts stirring up serious trouble. He just hopes Caden does not turn tail and run when the vultures dive in to pick them apart.

From their size to their personalities Caden and Raphael are polar opposites, although they blend so seamlessly it is barely noticeable. Raphael is a total type “A”; worrying, fretting, and fighting to make it all work. Caden; however, is the calm to Raphael’s storm, which is what I feel makes them so fantastic together. I love the lighthearted sexy vibe this author gives to her characters, and cannot wait to read more!

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