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Vamp Camp Series

Book1: Vamp Camp
Book 2: The Obscurati
Book 3: The Vamp in the Silver Mask
Book 4: Fangs over America

Vamp Camp Chronicles, Book 4
ISBN#: 9781613724248/9781613724231
March 2012
Dreamspinner Press
274 Pages
Fantasy, Paranormal, M/M/M
Rating: 5 Cups

Mårten is a century old vampire sniper with a girly circle in his name. He wrote his original memories only to find the strangeness of his life had only begun. Some would say it is great to be king but Mårten would say have you lost your ever loving mind. He has to wonder who just up and quits their job after 6,000 years. I mean really where is the loyalty?

Francois is attracted to Mårten on sight and it appears he has no chance since Mårten already has two husbands. Fate has the last laugh and he is about to hop onto the roller coaster of Mårten’s life and he hangs on for the wild ride. Along the way Francois will discover a life he never thought to have but jumps in with both feet and proves to be well suited to his future.

Somewhere along his road to discovery Mårten opens his big mouth and becomes King. He has to wonder who just up and quits their job after 6,000 years. I mean really where is the loyalty? Now he is left holding a hot potato he never wanted and consequently finds and loses those he never thought he could live without.

The writing of Wynn Wagner is witty and grabs the reader from the very first sentence. I dare any reader not to be sucked in by the entertaining and snarky repertoire. The vivid pictures fairly leap off the page and straight into the reader's head. It is apparent that the characters just would not shut up and took the author hostage because I promise that is what happens to the reader. I found Fangs Over America an excellent introduction to Wynn Wagner and was never left in the dark despite this being number four in the series. Come on you know you want to read this highly entertaining and hilarious paranormal story.

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