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Fantasy Resort Series

Book 1: Three Hired Lovers
Book 2: Undercover Fantasy
Book 3: Hidden Fantasy
Book 4: Deception Fantasy
Book 5: Fantasy Ranch

Fantasy Resort Book 5
ISBN: 1610349385
November 2011
Siren Publishing
123 Pages
Erotic Romance; Siren Ménage Everlasting Imprint
Rating: 5 Cups

Christina Hardgrave has been told what to wear, how to stand, and who to date all of her life. While she is told she is going to a finishing school, Christina finds out quickly that this is unlike any finishing school she has heard about before.

Zach is the oldest of the McKenna brothers and part owner of the ranch that Christina has been sent to. He can feel in his bones that this is not a good idea and decides to stay out of his brothers’ way while they seduce her.

Deke and Brett, the younger McKenna brothers, are ready to meet Christina, a former US senator’s daughter, with the expectation that this will be a piece of cake. They have never been more wrong in their life.

When Christina finds out that instead of stepping onto the grounds of a finishing school, she is entering the Sensual Fantasy Resort, she is ready for some adventure. Meeting Deke and Brett is the icing on the cake as far as she is concerned. But it is the mysterious Zach who has her aching to do things no respectable senator’s daughter would ever do. Will Christina leave the ranch with her heart intact or is she destined to fall hard for these cowboys?

I am still trying to cool off after reading Fantasy Ranch. It is just that H-O-T! Not only do you have the sizzling multiple partners factor, but each brother has his own unique style and taste when it comes to pleasures of the flesh. To make Ms. Monroe’s story even more enticing, you have Zach, who is an enigma and makes the reader want to reach into this book and steal him for herself. This is the type of novel that you will want to read time and again and then go back and read the other stories in the series to see if they are as great as this one is. I am a new fan of this series and I want more fantasy!

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