Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781451689341
15 April 2014
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
$18.00 US / $21.00 CAN
384 Pages
Thriller, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

With her brother Gavin jeopardizing his future and her job on the line, Andrea Finch’s nerves are stretched to the breaking point. Gavin has no idea what kind of trouble he is courting hanging out with a man like Shay Hardin; trouble that Andrea is only just beginning to understand.

Every instinct FBI agent Jon North has is screaming that time is running out. Shay Hardin is building up to something horrendous, yet the FBI is more focused on an outside terrorist attack than a homegrown one.

As smart as Gavin is Andrea is beginning to think her younger brother has no common sense at all, which could very easily cost her her job. Trying to track him down lands her in the middle of an FBI investigation. It also puts her in direct conflict with Jon, and the electricity flaring between them is not helping. She does not have the time, energy, or experience to deal with a man who pushes all of her buttons and never backs down.

Andrea may be a confident and capable homicide detective, when it comes to feelings and emotions however, she is definitely lacking. Her belligerent attitude towards her job review, as well as her dealings with Jon, makes her seem very young and insecure. In my opinion she is much more like her little brother than she would care to admit. I do however love Jon’s persistence and dedication, because this is exactly the type of man Andrea needs to balance her out.

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