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Buried Secrets Trilogy
Book 1: Fatal Exposure
Book 2: A Kiss to Die for
Book 3: Seduced by His Target

Buried Secrets Trilogy, Book 1
ISBN# 9780373278275
June 2013
288 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Despite her successful career as photojournalist, B.K. Elliot, aka Brynn, makes very sure her true identity is never revealed. As long as her stepfather is alive, she will always be looking over her shoulder, knowing the day will come when she will have to stop running and end his hold over her.

Tommy’s death has left a deep and painful scar on Detective Parker McCall’s heart, a scar that will not heal until justice is served. Although his work with cold case files has come up blank, Parker vows his brother’s murder will not go unsolved.

By chance, Parker sees a picture of the reclusive B.K. Elliot in the local paper, feeling for the first time in fifteen years that he has caught a break in Tommy’s case. If tracking her down nets Parker more bruises than answers, there is something so incredibly compelling about Brynn that he cannot get her out of his head. For the first time in…well, forever, Brynn feels like she can trust a man, which is crazy considering Parker is a cop. Right now, though, Brynn and Parker have little choice but to lean on each other, especially when they become targets of an all-out man-hunt.

Dirty cops, gangbangers and teen runaways are only the beginning to a spectacularly suspense filled trilogy. Parker and Brynn are tenuous allies at first, although it does not take long before they realize that together they may actually be able to stop a monster. Their attraction is as much admiration as it is romance, which is a nice bonus to an already excellent read. Brynn’s friends Haley and Nadine round out the next two installments, and I am certain you will not want to miss a minute of either one!

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