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ISBN# 9781419932496
June 2011
Ellora’s Cave
E Book
113 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Raina is a witch living in a small town. She shares her home with her friend; a snake named Percy. When she starts to feel unsafe, specifically around an alpha werewolf who wants her for his mate, she performs a protection spell and places an ad for help from a wizard.

Aleric is a wizard and has been a stone statue for 300 years. He was passed down to Raina from her ancestors. When she performs the protection spell, he is released from the statue, ready to use his skills to protect her.

From the moment Aleric arrives, he and Raina work on her protection and safety. As they slowly fit the pieces together, they do not fight their immediate attraction towards each other, but realize that the alpha werewolf is important to them, too. When they uncover the identity of their enemy and the depth of his plan, they know they have to use caution and stick together to defeat him.

Fate’s Embrace is a very enjoyable book. I liked immersing myself in the world that Ms. Kitts created with wizards, witches, and werewolves living together. The characters' personalities were well written, and I laughed often at the relationship between Raina and Percy. As more of the story is uncovered and the enemy’s plot revealed, I could not help but shiver at the thought of Raina falling into his hands. This book has a complex plot that is hardly noticed because of the way it is delivered. I am looking forward to reading another installment from Ms. Kitts.

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