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ISBN #: 9781603944526
August 2010
New Concepts Publishing
161 Pages
Paranormal Werewolf Erotica
Rating: 5 Cups

Kindrist (Red) Trekaar is an alien looking for a human man who will sire the legend her people need to free them from Voldon. She finds a Violet Child, or a human with psychic abilities when she finds Jake Straightarrow.

Jake Straightarrow just wants to live his life as best he can while staying under the radar so to speak. Then he meets a beautiful goth babe carrying a knife who seduces him on the side of the road on his motorcycle. His life is about to change in ways he could never have imagined.

When Jake is propositioned by a beautiful goth babe carrying a knife, he decides to let her go ahead and seduce him, after all she is gorgeous and why should he deny himself? There is only one problem, the woman Red is an alien who intends to abduct him and convince him to join her people’s cause to keep the universe safe for all free thinkers. However, when Jake wakes up naked, tied down, and having a perpetual hard on, he is not so enamored of his abductress that he will just blindly go along with what she wants. When he discovers that he needs regular sex and her blood often or he will turn furry, he is really not a happy camper. For Red’s part she just wants the man she has chosen to love her, and while she understands his resentment in being abducted, it still hurts. When she becomes pregnant, things become even tenser between the two, although they come to truly care for each other pretty quickly. But will they get to find out just how good their relationship can be? Will they truly be able to save the free thinking universe? With all of the commander’s different plans that he is not really sharing with anyone, the future is up for grabs.

My initial reaction to this book was “huh?” But about half-way through, the universe Ms. Moncrief had created finally started to make sense, and when the story finally took off? Whew! What a ride! I absolutely LOVED this book. The world building is fantastic, the characters are very realistic in spite of the science fiction, and I loved how even the secondary characters had a part to play. Those who read this book are really going to love Strakar, he is a totally loose cannon in my opinion, and I’m hoping he turns up in future books, or maybe even his own, hint, hint, hint. Oh, and the love scenes are smokin’! Overall this is one of the best scifi adventure erotic romances I have had the pleasure to read. I am really looking forward to the rest of the books in this series!

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