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ISBN: 9780982021156
Oct 2010
Bonaparte Press
75 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Arun is King of the Fiero. When his kingdom and castle are threatened by an impending volcanic eruption, he departs on a desperate quest to find a new home and shelter for his people.

Caprice is a princess in the ice-cold land of the Icera. Her father has decreed that she marry a noble; a man she has never met and who, she accidentally discovers, is of dubious character. Nevertheless, Caprice accepts his edict and is preparing for her upcoming nuptials.

When Arun sees Caprice for the first time, he is affected by the Fervor. He recognizes Caprice as his true mate. Caprice also feels a strange and wondrous protectiveness for Arun, the gigantic man recently captured and imprisoned in hefty iron shackles. Caprice frees the giant, little realizing how that decision will forever change her destiny.

The world-building in this novella is well done and believable. I found the story riveting and filled with characters that demanded my attention – some of whom I loved and some of whom I really disliked. The story is adventurous and unlike any other I have read. It flows smoothly, and I honestly felt satisfied with its length because it is so tightly constructed. The ending is satisfactory. I feel certain there will be a sequel, at the least, and, most likely, an entire series, as there are other characters, such as, Arun’s sexy brothers, the temperamental siren, Cameo, and the faithful, stalwart servant, Addy, all of whom, surely, will be clamoring to tell their own stories as well.

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