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Fever Series

Book 1 -Darkfever
Book 2- Bloodfever
Book 3 -Faefever
Book 4 -Dreamfever
Book 5 -Shadowfever
Book 6 - Fever Moon

Fever Series Book 6
ISBN# (13) 978-0345525482
July 10, 2012
DelRey Books
192 Pages
Graphic Novel
Rating: 4 Cups

MacKayla Lane is no longer the happy go lucky, pink obsessed girl who came to Dublin in search of answers about her sister’s murder. Considering the walls between Faery and the human realms are down, the new Mac is more useful against the Unseelie Fae wreaking havoc across Dublin than the old one would have been. Armed with her Spear of Destiny, she has a desire to take the world back and send the Unseelie back to their frozen prison. Maybe when things are back to normal she will have time to figure out exactly what label she can slap on her relationship with Jericho Barrons.

Not only does Barrons defy the mortal laws of man, he defies most physical laws too. He is raw, elemental, and unapologetic. Some days he masquerades as a nine-foot tall horned monster. In a world gone crazy Barrons possesses a single-minded focus on what he wants. He wants the Sinsar Dubh, and he wants Mac.

Now Mac and Barrons are on the tail of one of the oldest Unseelie Fae out there, the Fear Dorcha. He is seeking the faces of humanity, taking bits and pieces from his victims. When the monster begins targeting those close to Mac, she must find a way to stop him. It will take every bit of the cunning Mac has discovered within herself to defeat the Fear Dorcha before he comes for her.

This graphic novel is a new Mac and Barrons tale set in Ms. Moning’s best-selling Fever world. Fever Moon has stunning color and graphics that bring the otherworldly Seelie and their Unseelie brethren into the light. The story is fast paced and peppered with the witty repartee that readers have come to expect from Moning’s novels. For fans of the Fever series, it is exciting to see favorite characters come to life and to enjoy the extras in the back that give insight into the Fever world.

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