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ISBN#: 9781458029041
April 2011
172 Pages
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Sadie Graves never expected to end up just like her mother, with all of her friends and family believing that she is crazy. She hides the fact that she believes her dreams are real so they will not have her committed, especially after she meets the man she has been dreaming of.

Elijah Stokes is a seeker who loves what he does. Protecting humans from blood hungry immortals has always fulfilled him, but when one of his blood brothers goes missing, and they call in his former partner gone bad, he must rethink his ideals.

Elijah’s journey to find his lost brother leads him to Sadie, a human transforming into an immortal or a changeling. He must fight to protect her from those who want to use her for their own purposes and from his own desires. In his efforts to protect her he overlooks a key factor, one she has been hiding. Who would want to talk about their crazy mother or that their entire family thinks they are crazy themselves, especially with the dreamy immortal that swoops in to save her from danger. Can Sadie and Elijah come to terms with each other and uncover the truth behind their meeting?

Amber Scott really creates some great characters that are easy to read about and fun to follow. However, in this story they are a bit overshadowed by the psychological aspects that take place in this book. Sadie is a really interesting character by the end of the book, but it was hard to get to know her in the beginning because all of her thoughts were about the medicines she was on, the symptoms they bring about, her episodes when her mother died and ruined everything, etc. It was so much about the psychosis that I lost a lot of the ‘awe’ factor that usually surrounds new fantastical worlds. I think I would really like the world of the immortals that we got hints of in this book.

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