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Hot Latin Men Series

Book 1 - The Arrangement
Book 2 - Fight for Love

Hot Latin Men Series, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-936279-86-9
May 20, 2011
Amira Press
115 Pages
Contemporary Romance, Multicultural
Rating: 5 Cups

Nine years ago Rebekah Jamison’s ill-fated marriage ended. After the break-up, and discovering she was pregnant, Rebekah made several attempts to contact Rafael but was somewhat relieved when she was unable to reach him. Now, she and her son live modestly, and are relatively content. When Rafe shows up unannounced with startling news, she is overwhelmed.

Retired pro-wrestler Rafael Lopez, better known as La Sombra to his many fans, is flabbergasted when the door opens and a miniature replica of himself stands there facing him, awestruck. Rafael is quick to realize he is not the only one with big news to deliver.

Due to a clerical error, Rafael and Rebekah are still legally married. Unfortunately, all the unresolved issues from the past remain and, to top it off, Rafe is thunderstruck to find out he has a son. Adamant that he will be a part of little Ricky’s life, he insists that he and Rebekah must work out a custody arrangement. The physical desire between the pair is as strong as ever, and while neither wishes to re-open old wounds, the cathartic process is set in motion regardless.

An outstanding character-driven story; this short read is stylishly rendered in contemporary prose that absolutely shines. The dialogue seems realistic and believable; Rebekah’s uncompromising desire to protect herself and her young son from emotional hurt is completely understandable. At the same time, my heart ached for Rafe, who suffered such gut-wrenching loss almost a decade earlier. Both characters, though strong and self-reliant, have hidden vulnerabilities that Ms. Diamond reveals in a masterful manner and with a deft touch. I absolutely, unashamedly loved this story; delighting, also, in the antics and innocent prodding’s of their adorable son. This is a story that transcends ethnicity and makes me cheer.

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