Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9780373002191
March 28, 2011
Carina Press
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
379 Pages
Romantic Adventure
Rating: 4 Cups

Every minute of every day for the last eighteen years Regan Miller’s main concern is her daughter’s safety. Like they say, you are only paranoid if you are wrong. Unfortunately, Regan is not wrong.

The job for two years was to keep his eyes and ears open for any threat, now Tyler Sloane must put his training in action. He just wishes he did not care as much as he does.

Trust and safety are completely foreign concepts for Regan, so when Tyler jumps to her rescue she cannot help but question his motives. Eighteen years of fear is hard to overcome, especially when her worst nightmare is finally coming true. Someone has targeted Kelsey since her birth, and there is nothing Regan will not do to keep her safe. So trusting Tyler is nearly impossible, even if her heart begs her otherwise.

Getting between a mother and her child is begging for trouble, especially if that mother is Regan Miller. This woman takes protecting her daughter to extremes, doling out weapon’s training and evasive measures like most mothers telling their kids to stay away from strangers. Tyler certainly has his work cut out for him as he tries to break through her shell, considering his role in everything that is going down. Every page is like plucking petals from a daisy for Regan, trust him, trust him not, and she keeps you hanging until the very end.

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