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ISBN #: 978-1-936222-18-6
February 2010
Wild Child Publishing
141 Pages
Humorous Mystery
Rating: 3 Cups

Carol Reston aspires to become a published author, but the rejections keep piling up. Unwittingly, she becomes an amateur sleuth when her love of mysteries leads her to investigate the disappearances of local women.

Cecelia "Sissy" Montgomery has had three husbands, each more affluent than the last. At forty-two, she spends most of her time traveling the world alone. Globetrotting has lost its appeal. Sissy is looking for a change and volunteers to be her niece's research assistant.

While walking their dog, Carol Reston's husband, David, discovers a dead body. Carol's reaction gives her a great idea for her latest book. Whose body is it, and what was the cause of death? Is this related to the series of women missing from their small town? Carol is worried that the body might be her missing friend. Could Elizabeth's husband have killed her and dumped the body in the brown hills outside San Diego? With the help of her aunt Sissy, Carol is determined to find all the missing women and earn a publishing contract with a fictionalized account of the adventure.

Carlene Rae Dater creates a humorous tale with an appealing cast of characters. Sissy is a riot; a tenderhearted socialite with a stubborn streak. Detective Herrera is one sexy alpha-male with an adorable romantic side. The tone of this book is so refreshing that when Carol makes exclamations, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Humor and suspense are a plus in this book, which has a certain playfulness to it. This is not a novel of suspenseful twists and turns to grip the reader; however, it will keep you guessing at what these two ladies will get up to next.

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