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ISBN #: 978-0-553-38687-5
February 2011
Trade Paperback
418 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Kate is a young woman without any memory of her identity or where she is from. She is very attractive, practical, and sympathetic and is apparently the owner of a cat.

Kitty lived a hundred years ago in the same area where Kate finds herself. Her life is full of tragedy, but she is a strong confident person.

A woman with amnesia is stranded at an isolated house during a snowstorm. The family living there is still caught up in past tragedies and is unable to move on. Hypnosis is tried to help her remember her past but she is brought even further back to another past entirely. The past and present intertwine and mysteries are revealed and solved.

This is an interesting and engrossing story, and the author does a great job of interweaving Kate and Kitty’s stories to a logical and satisfying conclusion. The atmosphere in a good part of the novel is melancholy and depressing. Kate and Kitty are likable as are Adam and his family, but I found it hard to either like or sympathize with Tara and Vincent and I immediately disliked Maria. Ghostly visitors were very interesting. Jadie, the little girl with cystic fibrosis is a bright spot throughout the novel, and it is worth reading this story to meet her alone.

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