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ISBN: 9781301624010
November 2012
E.A. West
122 pages
Romantic suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Helen Baker is a nurse practitioner that works for the Agency, who is asked to take home an injured agent to help him recover his voice. After her fears are assuaged about her daughter’s safety, she agrees. She finds after time spent with him that he is more than what he seems, and she is beginning to have feelings for him. The question is, how much and what will they have to go through in order to be together?

Ian Grant is an agent who was tortured, injured, and has lost his voice. He has not been debriefed; the information that he gained with such a high price is locked inside. The chance to leave and go to Hazel’s house to get away from the Agency is one that he is quick to take. Being in such a loving environment with Hazel and her daughter is a good start to his recovery, though he has a long way to go.

The Agency suggests an unconventional way of healing in hopes of unlocking what Ian was tortured for. The feelings he starts to have for Hazel and her daughter help prompt him to recover. He has to be a whole man and be free to be what they deserve. Ian’s hope is that his friends can help him; he feels that the Agency is partly responsible for his torture. Now he just has to find help recovering and to avoid the Agency.

This was a sweet and uncomplicated love story which was a joy to read. The characters were well developed and the situations they had to work through were not overdone and were believable. It is mainly about what Hazel and Ian have to go through to better themselves and get what they actually deserve, despite what is in their way. Despite having been listed with the suspense genre there is not a lot of it in this story.

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