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ISBN #: (10) 061588315X/ (13) 9780615883151
September, 2013
Rebel ePublishers
$ 6.99/ $ 13.99
220 Pages
Suspense, Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Sebastian Martin is an NYFD firefighter who has experienced some of the most traumatic things a man can ever be expected to. First, he was present at the World Trade Center during 9/11. Then he lost his wife and child during a tragic air accident which he had the misfortune to witness firsthand. For his thirty-ninth birthday, his brother and uncle take him to a fancy dinner, but their real motives have nothing to do with wishing Sebastian a happy birthday.

His uncle, a high-profile attorney, suggests a change of scenery might be in order. A friend of his, an insurance adjustor in Texas, has encountered a situation in Honduras that calls for a specialist’s touch, and he thinks Sebastian might be just the right man for the job. Sebastian disagrees, but says he’ll at least go to Texas and see about the job. He resigns from the NYFD and drives to Texas, where he meets his uncle’s friend.

Soon after, Sebastian finds himself in Honduras on the trail of a missing person. He quickly finds himself facing off against a murderous car theft ring with no compunctions about killing. With not one, but two missing men to locate and high-end vehicles disappearing across the border into Nicaragua on a weekly basis, he soon uncovers a loose thread that could either blow the case wide open, or add his name to the roster of the missing.

J.H. Bogran has created a taut, compelling mystery with a complex, well-drawn main character. No one reading Sebastian Martin’s character can help but feel empathy for him, even when he’s at his most self-destructive. Equal time and care is given to the criminal elements in this book, and the depth of research is evident at all times. The tension is subtle but undeniable, making this a crackling and enjoyable read.

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