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Bestiary Series, Book 1
AISN# 9780615801216
21 April 2013
Amari Press
343 Pages
Time Travel Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

In a rush to find a birthday gift for her niece, Jill Donahue stumbles upon an antique shop where the owner offers her an old tapestry. Somehow, she gets transported back into medieval times. Taken by villagers, she is offered up in sacrifice to a dragon. At first, she does not believe what is happening. Then the dragon turns into a gorgeous man and reveals the tale of his curse. So Jill decides to help him. After all, the tapestry seems to be the key to both their problems.

Sir Baelin of Gosforth has a curse. One that makes him a dragon eleven months out of a year, leaving him one month as a man to break it. Only maid triumphing over three trials can defeat it. Each trial concerns one of the knightly virtues. Initially, Baelin thinks Jill is like every other woman. That she will despise him. That her tale of being from the future is suspect. Still, he desires her and her odd ways, even if he is sure she only wants to go home.

More danger is waiting for them. On top of completing the needed trials, bandits, medieval village justice, fellow dragon slayers and ignorant villagers are a few of the hazards along the way. But the biggest threat is the Dark Witch, who has begun it all. While navigating the perilous waters, there is a growing attraction between Jill and Baelin, one that neither wants to admit, even to themselves. Finishing their quests may have a price they are not expecting. Will they complete it anyway? Most importantly, will it be worth it?

I really love this story! It has action, humor and strong well-developed characters that I adored immediately. The love growing between Jill and Baelin is believable. The miscommunications cropping up between the two adds the right amount of humor. Point of view switches between Jill and Baelin are smooth and lend an air of authentication and wit to those misunderstandings. While things are wrapped up at the end, there are a few threads that make me hungry to read the next story, to see what happens next. This is a great start to a new series.

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