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ISBN: 1-933417-02-1
May 5, 2006
ImaJinn Books
Trade Paperback
$8.40 (through June 15) then $13.75
188 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Elise Nicholson is a witch who can just look at a candle and light it. She can play a guitar as all get out but is beginning to think being a witch is not what it is cut out to be.

Remy had dealt with agony most his life. He is a Watcher and a hunter. He snatches Talismans from the Dark.

The Trifero is a Talisman of fire and destruction and capable of causing much destruction. It is nothing to fool with.

Elise is a Guardian of the City with two of her friends. Of late, they are too busy with their new boyfriends and she feels alone with only her sudden spells she cannot control. Her patience is wearing thin. When the Trifero finds its way into her hands, she fears her friends will be targets. She has to find a way to protect them. Remy informs Elise that he is there to safeguard her, but not happy with the situation, she point blanks informs she does not date Watchers. He expresses how the Dark will break her then turn her into a magickal weapon selling her to the highest bidder. There is only one thing left to do. If she can control the Talisman, it will do her will. She and Remy do not have much time to save themselves and their friends before everything breaks loose no matter what the consequences.

Fire Watcher is the third book in the Watcher series and is a fascinating read. Elise is a likeable character and mixed with Remy and all the crazy, zany spells she ensues, they make a great pair. Ms. Saintcrow knits creativity, zest and excitement in this sharp read. Once again, she pens a captivating story that keeps the pages turning.

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