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ISBN#: 9781634766012
September 2015
Dreamspinner Press
293 Pages
Contemporary, GLBT, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tommy Newsome is a young gay college student. This is his first time being away from home, and he has had a very sheltered existence. Innocent, virginal and honest describe him well.

Mike Scott works as a bartender at Woofs, a gay sports bar, and as an adult entertainer named Scott Masters. He has not had much luck with relationships, his last partner finally admitting that he couldn’t handle the fact that Scott was a porn actor. He wants a long term partner but he is wary.

When Tommy’s friend Ben tries to introduce him to the local gay scene in Atlanta, the clubs just are not Tommy’s idea of having fun. Instead he decides to check out Woofs, a gay sports bar. It is there that he spots Mike for the first time and falls into lust at first sight. In fact, he becomes a regular at Woofs and over time, he and Mike begin doing things together. Mike continues Tommy’s introduction to gay Atlanta. It is not long before Tommy decides he wants Mike to be his first lover, and while it is very difficult for him to ask, he finally does so. But it is not long before both Tommy and Mike want more, but Mike is afraid that Tommy will not be able to handle the fact that he is a porn actor. Because of this he keeps waiting to tell Tommy, even as their relationship deepens. What happens when Tommy finally discovers what Mike has been doing on those weekend trips?

First let me say that I enjoyed reading First very much. It is a deeply emotional read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The reason I gave this book 4 cups, instead of 5 cups is that the pornography scenes were just a little too realistic. I suspect that the author meant for them to be, but in my case it was just a little too much information, and made it difficult to enjoy parts of this book, although overall I found it to be a fantastic read. Also, I was very satisfied with the love scenes between Tommy and Mike which were in my opinion perfect. In addition, the end was very very satisfying, and yes, that did make up for what to me were porn scenes that were too detailed. If you enjoy realism in your stories, and heartbreaking emotionalism, mixed with a beautiful love story, then you will most definitely enjoy this book, and I can definitely recommend it for those reasons!

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