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Gardinian World
Book 1: The Lycan Hunter
Book 2: Heart of a Rocky
Book 3: The First of Spring

June 2015
300 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Aryana is an omega shifter of the Blue-Oconee pack; her father is the Mikko, a lycan, and her mother an ex-hunter, a human, thus making her a rare hybrid of both races. Her nature plays havoc in predicting the outcomes and power levels of her abilities since she is basically a mix of each race. Listening to the voice she has heard all her life, “weakness is death, and you are weak” has her believing that she is a disappointment. She thinks Trent hates her and thinks her fragile. Her father makes a deal with him; in exchange for medical training Trent is to give her Rocky training. That is only the first step of the difficult path awaiting her. First, she has to survive the hard training, surprising gain, heartbreaking loss, and further plans of the gods.

Trent is the acting Mikko of the Rocky pack, who are famed as being the best fighters in the Lycan world, who also are known for their solid faith in the gods, and he is also known for his fierce determination. His mother died at his birth, and his father constantly reminded him while he trained Trent from a young age to be a warrior. Outwardly he looks to be annoyed by the fact that he has to train Aryana, whom he calls Princess, as she is weak and he has no patience for it. Secretly he knows that she is his soul’s mate, but is determined she be trained as a Rocky so that she can be her own “white knight” instead of needing one. He also has a destiny of his own, filled with heartache and betrayals, which will also test his steadfast faith in the gods.

Aryana and Trent’s future as one begins to look hopeful, alternatively, skirmishes between hunters and other Lycans break-out. Tragedy then strikes, and they are torn apart. Still, the gods are not finished with them yet, each fated to play a key role in their race’s future. Both Trent and Aryana are given harsh destinies to complete but are the rewards worth the extreme ups and downs that they will have to go through first? Can their love survive and be strong enough to stand through impossible events and the changes within the god’s realm? Because along with their troubles, Gardas also will have its upheavals, saying farewell to the old, making room for the new, and having to deal with a deity who is no longer content to work from the shadows wanting to have a say in everything.

With each new book of this series I fall more and more in love with this world. I particularly like Jordan’s take on shape-shifters, they are not what is normally seen in this genre, and the distinctive mythos/religion she created for them and their gods is awesome. The story draws you in, and multiple POV switches are smoothly executed adding complexity and detail to the story instead of confusion. There are plots within plots, just when you think something will go a certain way you are shown the error of your ways and led down a different and unforeseen route. I would not advise reading this book without reading the first two beforehand, only because you would miss the beginnings of the world built, though there is a glossary included to help the reader out if needed. This story was so emotional and poignant, but still there are happy parts, very happy parts and going through the ups and downs is so worth it. This book made me weepy and I am hardly ever weepy after reading a book! I look forward to the next chapter.

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