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ISBN#: 9781634860215
January 2016
JMS Books
153 Pages
Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Josiah Kimbrel has lived his entire life among humans, believing that he is one of them. When the human-werewolf congress appoints him to be the first human ambassador to visit and learn about a local werewolf pack, he jumps at the opportunity. Unlike many humans, Josiah was raised to respect werewolves and werewolf culture, even though he knows very little about it. His attraction to the pack Alpha River is something he knows he cannot act on, though he wishes it were different. After all he is just a human ambassador and soon enough he will return home. Or is he?

River is the pack Alpha of the River Wolf Pack. Like Josiah, he wants peace between humans and werewolves who have not always gotten along. He is attracted to Josiah, but like Josiah, is wary and believes he cannot act on his attraction. After all Josiah is just another human, or so he thinks.

When Josiah arrives at the River Wolf Pack compound, he is not at all surprised to see that the uncle who raised him is correct in that werewolves are not that different from humans. Aside from the facts of course that there are no female werewolves, and male werewolves have the ability to give birth. Of course him being human, there are those wolves who dislike him on sight, and others who make him the butt of their jokes. He tries to take it all in stride, but then something happens that changes everything. Josiah discovers he is not as human as he thinks, he is an omega werewolf. He goes into heat, and fortunately for him, it is River who finds him and helps. The sex is phenomenal, but Josiah is still loyal to his human background and struggles to accept the new changes in his life. Also, when River’s second convinces River to allow rogues into the pack, Josiah senses trouble brewing. Will River and Josiah come together to help make the pack stronger, or will Josiah return to the human world a changed man?

This is one of the most unique werewolf stories I have had the pleasure to read. The world building in and of itself is excellent. The characters, both primary and secondary are realistic, and easy to relate to. Ms. James does a stellar job of allowing the characters to drive this story, giving the reader a real “feel” for both the world she has created and the characters themselves. The love scenes in the story are very full of feeling, and emotions drive these acts when they happen, making it a very enjoyable read. If you love new, and original world building, werewolf stories, and m/m romance, you will love this new story as much as I did! I highly recommend First Omega by Rebecca James.

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