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Canadian Heroes, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781595789594
30 June 2012
Liquid Silver Books
143 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gillian Hilliard lives a boring and predictable life. Her self-esteem is low, partly due to her over-bearing mother and partly to her nightmare past. Meeting Jack at her mother’s wedding, she sleeps with him on impulse, regretting it the day after because he will not sleep with her again. Afterward, she does not trust his interest. What good-looking man would want her with her big glasses and bulky clothing anyway?

Jack Payle is a fire fighter who is used to the attention of women and is surprised at his interest in Gilly. She captivates him, and he is determined to treat her right. Not to just sleep with her. People tell him that she is bad news, which he does not agree with, and he thinks he may be falling in love. He decides he will do what he has to do to keep her safe and claim her as his own.

The closer they get, breaking through the walls they have up against others, things heat up in the background. Why is her mother taking so much interest in them, when not trying to sabotage them? Why is her ex-boyfriend, who is in prison, threatening her? Will they figure out things before it is too late and someone gets hurt? Will they find the love they are both reaching for?

This story is exciting and full of mystery and sexual tension. Paralleling the romance, the secrets going on in the background are shocking and surprising. Jack and Gilly feel “right” together, no matter what they do–from their physical interactions, which are yummy, to working emotionally at busting through their insecurities. I have enjoyed reading this book, and since it looks to be the first in a new series, I am looking forward to the next.

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