Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN # 9781501106255
March 3, 2015
320 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kelly Reynolds is barely keeping it together after the death of her husband. Sometimes the only thing that gets her out of bed is the necessity of taking care of her two sons. Gradually she begins to put the pieces back together again, and runs in her spare time to keep her sanity intact.

On the two-year anniversary of her husband’s death, Kelly is overcome with grief during a run. A total stranger wearing a ball cap and dark sunglasses gently asks if she is all right. When Kelly eventually realizes that her chivalrous new “friend” is none other than big screen heartthrob, Andy Pettigrew, she is flabbergasted.

Andrew is nothing like Kelly would have expected a famous movie star to be. He hangs out with her and boys in Boise, goes to the grocery store, and snowshoes in the moonlight with them. But as their friendship turns to more, Kelly realizes that Andrew is just as broken inside as she is.

This new take on the old Cinderella theme is not an enchanting tale of glass slippers left at a ball. Ms. Anderson’s gritty story of a woman struggling with grief and a man battling his way through the pressures of Hollywood has all the ups and downs of a classic love story. This happy ending might not be exactly what you expect, but it most definitely delivers.

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