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ISBN#: 9781623009823
August 18, 2015
Loose Id LLC
181 pages
Urban Fantasy; Paranormal; Shape shifter, erotic
Rating: 2 Cups

Jill Machado was bitten recently and is approaching her first full moon. At first she thought she was going crazy, then Mark shows-up to explain everything. He also tells her about the community; a group of bitten people who work to preserve their secret and share everything with each other.

Mark Curtz, a werewolf, introduces the newly bitten to the community. In Jill he finds someone who meshes with him flawlessly, including his sexual appetite. For her he sees a possibility for a haven for the community; a place where one can safely spend the full moon.

Vasha is the self-styled rogue queen and has spent her long life flaunting the rules of the community. She is determined to change the entire world into her kind by spreading the bite; her plans coming into fruition as soon as the next full moon occurs. Zach, a rover for the community, roams the Midwest in search of the newly bitten and is the one who found Jill. Before being bitten he was an outlaw from the old west. When he caught the scent of the new turn, he also caught a vague scent from back when he was bitten. Will he remember in time for the next full moon?

The story is gritty, earthy, and gets right to the point which mainly is sex with a side-order of the paranormal. It is the anything goes sort of thing; rough, kinky, some ménages—including a MFF, MFMF, and easy sharing. The language used can be explicit, descriptive, and almost lyrical from the sex scenes to character actions. The story itself gave me more of a “tell” rather than “show” vibe when it came to describing the characters and what happened. This story was just not the one for me.

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