Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-4000-7033-6
May 18, 2010
WaterBrook Press
Trade Paperback
309 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Her life, though never really safe or easy, was filled with love and caring until papa told her the truth of her existence. Caitlyn Brown’s innocence was shattered that day, but fleeing the Appalachia for the Outside opens her eyes to what horror and fear is really like.

Fast, sharp, and dangerous is a persona that Razor has perfected and propagated over the last several years. He is a whisper of smoke, moving from one level of humanity to the next in an almost seamless manner, until he catches a glimpse of something extraordinary.

Perfecting the art of illusion has kept Razor alive and prospering in a world nearly decimated by war and greed, so when it comes to new tricks, he is always on the lookout. Caitlyn has a secret that she must hide from the world, and coming to the Outside is her only chance of having her monstrosity surgically removed. What she does not realize yet is that her genetic enhancement goes far beyond the surface, and relying on someone like Razor is almost as terrifying as being hunted. Razor may know the city inside and out, but even he is vulnerable to the people who are desperate to get their hands on Caitlyn, and there is no end to the lengths they will go to get her back.

We do not have to look very far into the future to be able to picture an existence very much like the one depicted in this novel, and in some parts of the world it is happening right now. These types of genetic enhancements may be a little ways off, and even that is debatable, but Mr. Brouwer portrays this human depravity with an acute sense and detailed precision. Caitlyn and her small group of friends are the innocents that we all want to see triumph, but even that is tempered with their need to survive. All in all, it is the bounty hunter, Mason, who I find to be the most complex and unsettling, not just because of his maliciousness, but with his ever changing morality.

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