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ISBN#: 9781594149535
March 2011
Five Star
Hard Cover
283 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Madeline is a widow. She wanted a child, but her husband was not ready. Now that he is gone, she is glad that he preserved a little part of himself.

Kurt is a corporate pilot and loves his rather unsettled life. He does want a family in the future, so he put a little something by for that eventuality.

Madeline is thrilled to learn that the artificial insemination of her late husband’s sperm has been successful. The child she had always wanted with her late husband will now become a reality. Unfortunately, a mix-up occurred in the lab, and the father of her baby is not her late husband, but a complete stranger. Kurt is flabbergasted at first, but is definitely not willing to go away and forget about his child. Something about the mother intrigues him, making him want to stay in her and his child’s life in some way.

This story has an interesting premise. The mix-up in the sperm bank can lead to all kinds of possible situations and the author has created a very entertaining and engaging story with it. Kurt and Madeline are very different people and their rocky romance really held my interest from the beginning until the end. The plot is well written, the characters realistic, and their reaction to the bizarre turn their lives have taken is very realistic. When you add a very good love story the result is a must read story for contemporary romance fans.

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