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Twisted Love Series
Book 1: Lead Me Not
Book 2: Follow Me Back

A Twisted Love Novel, Book 2
ISBN: 9781476774169
June 2, 2015
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
358 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

With her heart shattered in a million pieces and a college suspension for unethical behavior, Aubrey Duncan is determined to put her life back on track. She refuses to be derailed by a man whose love for drugs almost killed him like it did her sister.

Nearly dying finally scares Maxx Demelo enough to go into rehab. The thirty day stint is painful, but making it on the outside is never going to work if he cannot get forgiveness from Aubrey.

Walking away from Maxx after seeing him almost die in her arms is the hardest thing Aubrey has ever done, but it is like seeing her sister all over again. Her trust in him is completely destroyed, yet her heart still longs for what only he can give. Nothing on earth means more to Maxx than loving Aubrey, but in the back of his mind the drugs say differently. The club, the drugs, it all means easy money, and lots of it. Now Maxx must figure out how to survive without falling back into a world that will destroy the future he dreams of with Aubrey.

As painful as it is to see Maxx battle his addiction, it is much worse when he finally realizes how his actions hurt those he loves, especially Aubrey. With her grief over her sister still so raw; you can feel how it destroys her to see Maxx heading down the same path. Try as hard as she might to deny it, the heart loves who it loves, and giving Maxx that power is terrifying. But anything worth having is never easy and this is what makes Maxx and Aubrey’s story truly compelling.

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