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The World of Nightwalkers
Book 1: Forbidden
Book 2: Forever
Book 3: Forsaken

The World of Nightwalkers Series Book 1
ISBN#: 978-0-345-51769-2
October 30, 2012 
Random House Publishing Group
$7.99 US/$9.99 CAN
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Docia Waverley is on her way to work, talking to her brother on her cell phone when the unexpected happened; someone purposely tried to kill her, and to her amazement, succeeded. But all is not right as strange beings and even stranger reasons why she had “lived” happen. With her life still in danger she is saved by a man she can only describe is God-like and finds herself more than attracted to him.

Ram finds Docia after being sent by Cleo to find the Queen. He will protect her at all costs, no matter what. His attraction to her is something he never felt before in all his lives. She is off limits, but the feelings she feels are so strong it makes for a struggle; but the Queen he thinks her to be is not so.

With a power struggle on the rise, and the return of The King Menes and Hatshepsut his Queen from the Ether; sends Docia’s human world a crazy mess. Can the Bodywalkers survive those who wish to stop the King and Queen from returning, as well as their race?

This definitely was a lot of information to take in. A great read that has you guessing what the heck will happen next and just how many different groups of different races are out there. Forbidden is a great blending of romance and the paranormal make for another great series for Ms. Frank.

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