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ISBN: 978-0-06-238900-8 (PB), 978-0-06-238901-5 (EB)
January 26, 2016
Avon Books
$7.99 US / $8.99 CAN
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Passing for White is how Rhine Fontaine is able to build his fortune, although he never forgets his heritage. His beautiful African mother died when he was very young, which left him at the mercy of a father and stepmother who owned and mistreated hundreds of slaves.

Working day and night Eddy Carmichael puts away every bit of money she can for her move to California. She dreams of opening her own restaurant, even knowing it will take years of backbreaking work to achieve.

Eddy counts herself very lucky to have been born free to loving and caring parents, which is how she finds the courage to endure every hardship that comes her way. Losing her savings twice is devastating. Almost dying; however, brings about the biggest change of her life. Rhine may have saved Eddy from certain death, but her strength and determination to make the best of any situation strikes a chord in his heart. She makes him want to be the man he was born to be, even if it will send his world into complete turmoil.

Fighting every step of the way, Eddy shows off her stamina and determination to succeed. It is amazing how she loses so much, yet her perseverance never wavers. Rhine, who is so in awe of Eddy, takes a long hard look at the direction of his own life. In a time where the division of race is so violently upheld, Rhine and Eddy take a huge risk, which I feel, makes their story a very powerful read.

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