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ISBN: 978-0-312-58013-1
January 2010
St. Martin’s Griffen
278 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

No one knows the pain of being alone better than Danielle Rayne, but she has grown confident in her ability to stand on her own two feet. Being left in foster care by a negligent mother left scars on Danielle’s psyche, and she is very aware that getting close to people emotionally scares her to death.

College romances are often just that, and sexual experimentation is not uncommon, but Trey Garner could never wrap his mind around being gay. His sexual relationship with Jake Jamieson in college evolved into a lasting friendship, but both Jake and Trey felt that some component was missing in their relationship.

Coming back for a friend’s wedding has Danielle tied up in knots. She cannot wait to see Trey and Jake again, but at the same time those feelings of heated sexual desire for both men leaves her anxious and confused. It pains her greatly when she learns Jake and Trey split, and she takes it upon herself to repair their rift. She takes the plunge and offers herself up to become part of a threesome, knowing that bringing them together will also allow her the opportunity to live out a decade-long fantasy. But her fantasies and desires morph into something nearing an emotional attachment which could spell disaster for all of those involved.

Relationships are rarely easy, but when you add a third person into the mix, the problems rise exponentially. Danielle, Trey, and Jake engage in a wonderfully erotic and sensual relationship, but when reality strikes, you can feel the pain tearing them apart. One lover denies his true feelings, while the other suffers silently, and the third is achingly blind to her own worth. The emotion and desire rolling off of these characters is impossible to ignore, and pulls you right into their hearts and souls, a wonderful combination when reading such a sizzling hot love story.

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