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The Ivy Chronicles

Book 1: Foreplay
Book 2: Tease
Book 3: Wild

The Ivy Chronicles, Book 1
ISBN# 9780062279873
5 November 2013
William Morrow
304 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Pepper's little girl crush on her best friend's brother has grown into a full-fledged obsession. Hunter is all she wants, to the point she has never bothered with anyone else. When Hunter suddenly splits from his latest relationship, Pepper realizes this could be her only chance to show him that she wants a chance to be a permanent part of his life and of his wonderful family.

The more Pepper contemplates kick starting a relationship with Hunter, the more she realizes she is woefully underprepared for this moment.  Her experience with men amounts to one sloppy high school kiss. With the help of her friends, Pepper discovers the perfect teacher in a sexy bartender named Reece.

Though unwilling at first, Reece proves himself to be a surprisingly gentle and patient teacher. Against her better judgment, Pepper begins to confide things to Reece that she would never tell the perfect Hunter. As Reece and Pepper grow closer in both the physical and emotional sense, Pepper realizes that sometimes what you want is not what you really need.

Despite the use of a fairly common plotline, this is a highly emotional, well-written story. However, the characters do not read as if they fit the ages they are given. Even with her tumultous background, it is difficult to believe Pepper could function as she does at nineteen. The only thing less likely is that Reece could be this much of a man in his early twenties.

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