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The Friendship Heirlooms

Book 1: Clumsy Girl's Guide to Falling in Love
Book 2: Michael's Angel
Book 3: Forever and All that Jazz

The Friendship Heirlooms, Book 3
ISBN# 97816116021838
Whiskey Creek Press
March 2014
248 Pages
Romance, Inspirational
Rating: 4 Cups

Jasmine Pepowski married Wesley, realizing he had a duty to the members of his congregation. She does not understand why Wesley has trouble getting along with her father, nor why he cannot express his love to her.

Wesley Horace is a preacher who still has faults and desires things as any human. He has a responsibility to his church family, as well as to his wife. It does not take him long to realize he has to learn to manage both equally.

As a newlywed, Jazz tries everything to make her marriage a happy one. After she learns her father is extremely ill, she and Wesley move him into their home. She has no idea where her mother is, or why she left years ago. Wesley is not too keen on having her father move into their home, but goes along with Jazz. He feels her father has never treated Jazz fairly but believes with what time her father has remaining, things can change. While taking care of her father, Jazz is determined to learn her mother’s whereabouts and the reason she left. She can only hope with all the new challenges facing her and Wesley, the outcome will bring them closer as a family, while understanding why Wesley finds it hard to express his feelings.

Forever and All That Jazz is a stirring story that will open up the heart and make the reader feel good inside. The read is indeed inspirational and touches upon things that really happen within a family. Ms. Wiesner creates a story many can relate to. She takes a devout preacher who wants to do everything to watch over the members in the church, while trying to adjust to married life and understand a woman’s feelings. The characters are genuine and the writing beautiful.

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