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ISBN# 1440564132
21 January 2013
Crimson Romance
140 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Molly is a single mom with two teenagers and a job she hates. After mixing with the wrong man, she ends up with a demon mark. In order to remove it and keep her soul safe, she will have to undergo three trials and face the things she fears most. Sent to help her is an angel, who is not the typical kind and delivers his advice with a southern drawl and flirtatious comments.

Cass is an angel looking to earn finally his wings, after waiting centuries for another chance. Despite the consequences, he starts to develop feelings for Molly, even though he is warned he may get in trouble for interfering. He skirts the edge of his rules, risking what he has waited for so long, until he wonders if Molly and her soul are worth more to him than his wings.

Molly will have to face three of her worst fears to save her soul. Having faith in herself could get her through the trials and improve things she has never thought she could have like a job she loves, a better relationship with her kids and possibly a man to love her for herself. She decides to get help, but then she realizes she will have to do it on her own.

I really enjoy and adore reading this story. It has more to it than just a sweet romance—captivating secondary characters and interesting side stories, along with a message about facing one’s fears. The mythos of angels and demons are unique. The way it is told anyone can relate to it. I feel that this story has a balance of everything—interesting plot, real and likable characters, sweet romance and a touch of humor.

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