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ISBN: 9781419930393
December 31, 2010
Ellora’s Cave
171 Pages
Paranormal, M/M, Shape-shifter, Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

A feeling of uneasiness and that of being an outsider is something that Paul Kraskowski has known his entire life. He runs with a local pack in Miami, but his blue eyes and blonde hair do not exactly scream Latino, and that is only a small part of his problems.

The loveless marriage of his parent’s is a burden Laurent Montcrieve has no intention of repeating. His interest lies in men, and for him, finding the one great love of his life means everything.

Not gay, not gay, not gay, and maybe if he repeats it enough Paul hopes his heart will actually listen, but since meeting Laurent, that possibility seems highly unlikely. Paul knows his pack will flay him alive if they find out he has feelings for a vamp, but if they knew it was a male vamp, his life will mean nothing. Laurent found his Coeur de Sang, his Heart’s Blood, but the complications of even considering a relationship with Paul are astronomical. They are bombarded on both sides by hatred and prejudice, but real tragedy awaits if Paul cannot move past his own fears.

The bitter reality of discrimination bears down heavily on Paul and Laurent, and to know them is to feel their pain. It hurts to see Paul constantly deny his feelings, and how that affects Laurent, even though you understand how hard it is for Paul to move beyond his upbringing. There is still a bit of rebellious teenager in both of these young men, but once their hearts are in the right place, you can feel them both grow. Their story is both achingly painful and deliciously passionate, and this author has just snagged herself a brand new fan!

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