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ISBN# 9781616502096
November 2010
Lyrical Press
87 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Martina Jackson is a holistic medicine practictioner who has been on the run for the last two years. Convinced she has found her calling in holistic medicine, she still has not had her perfect sexual fantasy come true.

Rob Taylor had to give up his olympic dream of being a triathelete because of severe migraines. He still competes, but now just does so for fun.

When Martina lets one of her best friends use her to model the lingerie she designs, Martina has no idea that both her sexy body and her sexual fantasies are about to be revealed to the man of her dreams. When Rob and his best friend Alexs stumble onto his sister and her two best friends talking about sexual fantasies, he thinks he has hit the jackpot. When a migraine, a few too many drinks for Martina, and a darkened basement bring them together it is not long before the sparks are flying, literally. However, even when each begins feeling strong emotions for the other, Martina is unable and unwilling to deal with the secrets of her past. Instead she chooses to continue her nomadic ways. Will Rob be able to convince her that he loves her and wants her to stay? Will Martina realize that the very thing she is running from is the thing that will continue to follow her until she realizes that it is only surrender that can save her?

Forever in Lingerie is one eyebrow scorching read! As a fan of erotic romance I have to say this is a very entertaining story. Rob and Martina are positively combustible, and when they come together it is one heck of a fireworks display. I really liked how even though their mouths kept saying it was just sex, their inner dialogue was very emotional, as were their physical actions. It brought a whole new meaning to the words, “paying lip service.” If you love stories that are spicy and naughty but that still have a satisfying ending, then you do not want to miss Forever in Lingerie.

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