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The Prince’s Angel Series

Book 1: The Prince’s Angel
Book 2: And the Two Shall Become One
Book 3: Forever May Not be Long Enough

The Prince’s Angel, Book 3
ISBN#: 9781610403382
July 11, 2012
Torquere Press
230 Pages
Erotic Gay Romance, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Having his angel by his side is more than Mael Black could have ever dreamed of. He only wishes his relationship with his son Christian was as solid.

The feelings that Cian Carmichael has for Mael are beyond anything he has ever felt. Sharing Mael’s affections with Christian however has tested him in many ways, but he now knows it is time to have a son as well.

Although Taylor is barely surviving on the streets when Cian finds him, Cian instantly feels a connection with the beautiful young man. Mael and Christian are in perfect agreement with Cian’s plans to bring Taylor into their family, but others may not be so accepting. Mael’s father Nigel is livid after learning the truth about Cian, and his hatred for anything that may taint his family’s bloodline leads to some very deadly consequences. An incredibly powerful and vindictive dark force is waiting in the wings to strike at the heart of the Romanorum, and it may have just found the perfect opening.

Cian and Mael’s love for each other as well as their sons is something to behold and in my opinion makes them sexier and stronger than ever. Each installment in this series builds on a fantastic world thick with vampires, weres, gods, and sorcerers. And I feel that if you really want to capture the heart and soul of its characters read these stories sequentially. These two authors and the characters they share with us are always favorites of mine, and I am sure soon to be yours as well.

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